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Have you ever experienced any of these problems on your computer?

  • Computer slow to start up
  • Too many programs starting
  • Computer full of junk or expired trial programs
  • Viruses or spyware infection
  • Strange pop-ups or other weird things happening on the computer

You might have tried “optimizer program” or “registry cleaners” or other such software, but a lot of them are just filled with ads and it doesn’t work or make any noticeable difference.  If you have a virus, they’re often so tenacious that software simply cannot remove it.

AsQuick Computers’ computer reformat service will cure all the problems and make your computer just ‘like new’ again.  A computer reformat is a service where the computer’s hard drive is “reformatted” (completely wiped clean), and then its Operating System (OS) software is re-installed, making the writemyessayfast computer just like brand new.

If your computer or laptop is just not running well anymore, it’s time for a reformat.  AsQuick Computers offers a number of fixed-price reformats, all completed in our workshop.


Service Data Backup Data Restore Reinstall Programs Email Setup Price
REF99 No No No No $99
REF165 Yes Basic No No $165
REF249 Yes Detailed Yes Yes $249




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