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AsQuick Computers can remove any virus, guaranteed.

We have extensive experience and a winning strategy to remove all manner of viruses, rootkits, worms and just about any other malware you can name.

A Modern Plague

Over the last 20 years, computer viruses have become more prevalent, aggressive & tenacious.  Today, viruses are not built by lone anarchist nerds, but by highly motivated organised-crime syndicates, who are intent on committing fraud, identity theft or some other illicit activity for their own financial gain.

The largest proportion of viruses that we remove at AsQuick Computers are what is often termed “ransomware” or “extortionware”.  These viruses masquerade as an anti-virus software, and will continually run “scans” (although they don’t actually scan anything) and will display phony results claiming that your computer is infected, and that you need to purchase their software in order to clean your system.

Of course, if you do this, the problem will not go away and you will be out of pocket, and some joker on the other side of the world now has your credit card details.  Better call your bank…

100% Guaranteed Virus Removal

At AsQuick Computers, our experience with modern viruses and malware has shown that the most straightforward and 100% effective way to remove all viruses is to re-format or re-image the computer.  Many modern viruses will hijack the system to the extent that antivirus software simply cannot even detect (let alone remove) the infection, so wiping out everything and starting again is the only way to guarantee that the virus is completely removed.

The challenge with this approach is that most people will have valuable stuff on their computer – files, documents & photos, as well as the various software you use such as Microsoft Office or iTunes – things that you don’t want to simply wipe out along with the virus.

Don’t Lose My Stuff!

AsQuick Computers fixed-price reformat service covers all bases.  First, we take a backup image of your computer’s hard drive, then wipe everything off it and re-install your Windows operating system from scratch.  Next, we apply all the relevant security updates & patches, and re-install your anti-virus software, along with any anti-virus updates.  We then bring your data across from the backup image and re-install any additional software (such as Microsoft Office, iTunes, Google Chrome, etc.) so that you have a fresh, working system with all your files intact.

If you think you might have a virus on your computer, call AsQuick Computers on 07 3350 6555 and speak to one of our technicians, or simply drop the computer in to our workshop for a free quote.
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